Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Nonstop video show using YouTube

Would you like to make a nonstop video show of YouTube videos on your website? Here's how...

- The clips have to start automatically. Jake Ludington's MediaLab tells how. Paste the code of the first video in your webpage.
- Add a META-tag to your website, which tells the browser to load a new page (the page with the second clip) after a given time. That given time is the duration of the clip plus three seconds for starting up the video. Translate the duration in seconds and place the total after the tag 'content=' (253 in the example). Place this tag somewhere between the 'head'-codes in the upper part of your HTML.


- Add clickthrough tags for visitors, if they want to skip a clip.
- Make as many clips as you wish. Your own TV Show is ready...

Here's an example with French pop songs.

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